Content marketing as an important business undertaking

The diversity of demography is now seeing many people adopting to technology because it’s more interactive. As you grapple on dealing with modern customers, you likely might have heard about “content marketing”, or perhaps read about it somewhere. Let me then clearly but precisely clarify to you what it means. It’s a marketing strategy that […]

How to safeguard your home for water damage

If you own a house, you probably spend time and money fixing and maintaining it periodically. There are some areas that must be given special attention, and this includes your foundation and basement. If these areas of your house are left unattended and susceptible to water damage, then your entire house can be at risk. […]

Installation of the smart camera in your home

Posted on 04/09/2017 by in Tech

Our homes have got to be one of the most secure places on earth. After a long and hard day out there, the safest place we’d rather be is home sweet home. Since time immemorial, a home has always been known to be so because of a mother’s love. This is undeniably true and none […]