Best Tips When Installing The Garage Floor

Posted on 31/08/2017 by in Garage

A garage floor is applied paint, stain or epoxy to make it look better and last for a long time. A new coverage is developed on the concrete garage floor so that it is protected from abrasive chemicals and also to change its appearance. Any flooring should be considered when installing the garage floor. When the garage floor is installed in the right manner, it should be able to withstand high humidity and dumpy conditions. It should be able to buckle and warp and at the same time absorb moisture. The following are the best tips when individuals are installing the garage floor;

Chemicals destroy the garage floor

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The surface of the garage concrete floor usually reacts with chemicals which make it to degenerate at a faster rate. Deicing salts found on roads often stick underneath the vehicle and causes problems on the garage floor when they melt. Fluids such as antifreeze which leaks from a car can contribute to damages on the garage floor. Fertilizers, cleaning detergents and solutions and fuels which are kept in the garage can make the surface to degenerate at a faster rate. The life of garage floor can be prolonged when a protective cover is provided on top of the garage floor.

Replacement of concrete

When concrete garage floor is being replaced, it is considered as an expensive affair. The removal floor slabs at the garage is a complicated process since it involves the use of jam hammers, a bobcat and a group of workers or laborers. Replacement of concrete in a garage is regarded as a significant project because the steps in an individual’s home are reinstalled once more, and damages will occur on overhead door rails in the garage. The concrete garage floor should be protected to make it durable.

Garage floor stain, epoxy or paint

In the long run, the garage floor can be durable when a protective coating is installed on the surface. It consumes a person’s time when installing a protective cover. The new floor surface being flaked and peeled are the common issues experienced on the garage floor. The problems happen commonly underneath the tires. The tires of the vehicle usually become hot when driven for a long time. The heat from the car’s tires give rise to floor stain, epoxy or paint to cleave from the concrete’s surface.

Vapor barrier


The vapor barrier is installed under the garage flooring. The sheet plastic is considered the best barrier and the slab are sealed with epoxy or paint coating.