How to identify real news from fake news

Posted on 22/01/2018 by in Media

The media of any country is responsible for giving her citizens free, fair and independent news. Every media industry in every state had one time fighting for its independence. The government controlled the media and through aired only want the government wanted them to air. The press wore the independence war. Now almost every press is free to broadcast whatever content it has provided it observes professionalism in whatever they air.

Now the media industries are fighting the war of fake news. Fake news is spreading fast than real news. False news is eye-catching and can be spread quickly through the social media.

How can one identify real news from the fake news?

The source of the news

news reportsThe source of the news is the first scale for real and fake news. Before you believe in any news, be sure to check the source of the news. In most cases, the report got from the television and radio systems. The story from these two sources are genuine can be relied upon. However, it is good to check whether the news is biased or not. It is a one-sided news or a double-sided news.

Media houses can be used as sources of radicalization and spreading hate and propaganda. If the news is from the social media, be very careful. After reading the news search for the source of the news. Compare what the source of the news says to what is reported. If there are any discrepancies, then those are fake news and should not be believed.

Pictorial and other evidence

Any news should be accompanied by pieces of evidence in the form of pictorial and material evidence. Imagine a news website reporting about an accident that happened in a place without any evidence. Any news should be accompanied by real-time pictures. Be aware that the technology these ways can enable a person to photoshop and come up with photos that resemble the exact places.

If the news is about financial positions of companies, the report should be accompanied by audited financial statements of the companies. Be free to ask for any evidence from the newsroom if you doubt the source of the news.

Reputation of the media houses

news tagThe reputation of the media house will play a significant role it is determined whether any news is fake or genuine news. Some media houses are known to be big spreaders of false news and propaganda. Such media houses are owned by private people who may have some conflict of interest with the news of interest.

The most common type fake news is fake political news. One of the weapons that politicians use to win an election is propaganda. They use some media houses to spread propaganda. Be watchful for these media houses that always provide a one-sided story. The best media house to follow is unbiased and reputable.