Why Hire a Lawyer After an Accident?

A road accident victim is a weakened person who is often not able to assert all of his rights correctly. Although the law requires insurance companies to compensate all victims, their financial proposals hardly ever pay for the damage suffered. Also, it is vital to hire a lawyer to defend your rights.

Bergman Bergman Fields & Lamonsoff, LLP offers the best Florida legal services. The firm has the best personal injury attorneys to handle your case after a car accident. A lawyer advises the victim in each of their administrative and legal procedures. Here are reasons why you should hire a lawyer after a car accident.

Accompaniment of the Victim

The first rolecar accident lawyer of the road accident lawyer is to provide the victim with human and legal support. Following a traffic accident, the insurance company contacts the victim to assess his compensation. A standard form and additional documents (invoices for medical expenses, work stoppages, etc.) must be sent. It is on the basis of the information given by the victim that the insurer calculates the amount to which he can claim.

However, the victim is not always able to make the necessary decisions or even fill out the insurance documents correctly. The shock of the accident itself, significant bodily injury, lack of knowledge of his rights makes the task difficult. So a victim’s lawyer of bodily injury supports the client to negotiate the best compensation with the insurance and avoid reduced compensation.

Impartial Medical Expertise

Very often, the insurance company will offer amicable medical expertise by appointing a doctor. However, in some instances, amicable expertise will be insufficient to optimize the victim’s compensation, and it will then be necessary to seek a court to obtain the designation of an impartial medical expert. The medical expert assesses the damage suffered and the after-effects that persist. A lawyer can hire an independent medical consultant who will accompany the victim during the medical examination and prepare the medical file.

Bargaining for Fair Compensation

The lawyer’s thirdpersonal injury attorney role is to plead the best possible compensation for the traffic accident for his client. Many road accident victims who defend themselves on their own fail to obtain the best settlement. The lawyer takes charge of the negotiations with the insurer to avoid further straining his client, but above all, to present all the evidence to maximize the indemnity. It sets out the evidence in the case and highlights details that have escaped assurance. Hiring a lawyer for traffic victims ensures that your rights are well asserted.